What Kind of Car Does a T.Rex Drive?


Dinosaurs and vehicular modes of transportation meld in symbiotic bliss. What's a used car salesman to do? Ava and Mickey's uncle Otto is having a summer sale, but the customers aren't coming. Or are they? When dinosaurs arrive looking for wheels, the kids' dino knowledge helps to put the right terrible lizard in the right car. The herbivorous stegosaurus gets one that it can take off the road and into the forests, for instance. Then a T. Rex with a short fuse arrives on the scene, and it'll be curtains for our heroes unless they can find him the best transport (and pronto!). Colorful and goofy, even the Rex, these dinos are the visual stars of this show. Much of the brush and ink work (colored digitally) appears simple, but details lurk, such as the perpetually changing signs around the lot. And one of the best unspoken gags is how every ungainly creature gamely drives off the lot, no matter how oversized they might be. The range of cars exceeds that of dinosaurs, but kids who are fans of either will find plenty to enjoy. Only the extinct would fail to enjoy this kicky amalgamation of dinos, deals, and automobiles.

-Kirkus Reviews

Business is so slow at Uncle Otto’s used car lot that he declares, “I will sell a car to anyone—or anything—that shows up!” Then dinosaurs descend: improbably hued beasts, sporting multicolored polka dots, who loom over the small, roly-poly humans. “I’m looking for a car,” a stegosaurus says. “What do you recommend?” Uncle Otto is flummoxed, but his plucky niece and nephew, Ava and Mickey, are both dinosaur aficionados and intuitive salespersons. “You like the wind and you’re a fish eater,” Mickey tells a tired pterodactyl before suggesting a convertible so “you can drive to the beach and glide from the cliffs to the ocean.” A T. rex almost stumps—and stomps—them (“Can you really see me driving a minivan?” it booms), but Ava and Mickey find the perfect match: a monster truck. Lee (Twenty Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street) and Biggs (the Frank Einstein series) succeed in giving families a new road trip game that doesn’t involve screens: What Kind of Dinosaur Would Drive That Car?

-Publishers Weekly