What Kind of Car Does a T.Rex Drive?


Red Tricycle

A fun bedtime story that's bound to be a classic.”

The Horn Book

“Smashed cars, expert kids, dinosaurs! Customer satisfaction guaranteed!”


Summertime sales are slow at Otto’s Used Cars. Then a surprising potential buyer arrives: a stegosaurus. Thankfully, young Ava and Mickey prove able assistants—and sales associates—for their baffled uncle Otto, as Ava explains stegosauruses eat plants, and Mickey suggests an off-roader “to drive deep into the forest to find mosses and ferns to snack on.” Sold! A pterodactyl appears next (telling them, “It’s too hot to fly”) and departs in a sporty convertible. Then a triceratops appears—again and again, dino buffs Ava and Mickey successfully connect each creature with the just-right vehicle. However, spiky-toothed, grumpy Tyrannosaurus rex is a more intimidating—and demanding—customer. What could possibly be a good fit? Animated text makes for fun reading and read-alouds, while Biggs' cartoonish, blocky illustrations with retro flair lend further humor and liveliness, from mustachioed, plaid-pants-wearing Otto to the expressive, polka-dotted dinosaurs squeezing themselves into cars. Abundant witty details great and small throughout, like the car lot's ever-changing signs, amplify the laughs. A delightful blend of dinosaurs with things that go, sure to entertain aficionados of both.

Kirkus Reviews:

Much of the brush and ink work (colored digitally) appears simple, but details lurk, such as the perpetually changing signs around the lot. And one of the best unspoken gags is how every ungainly creature gamely drives off the lot, no matter how oversized they might be. The range of cars exceeds that of dinosaurs, but kids who are fans of either will find plenty to enjoy. Only the extinct would fail to enjoy this kicky amalgamation of dinos, deals, and automobiles.

Publishers Weekly:

Lee (Twenty Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street) and Biggs (the Frank Einstein series) succeed in giving families a new road trip game that doesn’t involve screens: What Kind of Dinosaur Would Drive That Car?