An astronaut, an actor and a psychologist who writes Christian sex manuals are also named Mark Lee. If you reached this page in error, good luck with your search. I'm the Mark Lee who is a Novelist, Playwright and Children's Book Writer. I've also worked as a Foreign Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and Reuters.  

This is my “official” author website. The site should answer a few questions you might have about my background. It will show how to buy my books, offer suggestions and questions to start a book group discussion and provide you with a way to contact me.

Right now you’re probably looking at a computer screen and I am…well, I’m really not sure where I am at this moment.

If I’m dead, then we can assume that I’m having another adventureone that all of us will encounter. Life is like a wedding. If you love someone in the banquet hall, be bold, walk up and tell them. Enjoy your slice of cake and always be dancing.  

If I’m still alive, then maybe we’ll meet one of these days. I’m looking forward to it.

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