Taut...haunting...vivid...Lee can convey the sprinting pace of a brush fire, the horror of an elephant slaughter, the hair-trigger tenseness of a military checkpoint.
— Washington Post Book World

The Lost Tribe

This powerful novel tells the story of David Mather, a charismatic relief worker who believes that a mysterious group of African nomads are the descendants of the legendary Lost Tribes of Israel. Mather organizes an expedition to find the tribe; it includes an anthropologist, an African shaman; and Ben Chase, the young journalist who is the book's narrator.

Traveling north through a chaotic, war-torn country, these modern pilgrims encounter soldiers and guerrillas, a deranged family or neo-colonials, and a city ravaged by an unexplained plague. As they search for the elusive veiled tribe, Chase must deal with Mather's apocalyptic vision and his own changing perception of this dangerous world.

Written with the pace of an adventure tale, The Lost Tribe is a complex exploration of the uncertain borderland between faith and despair.


Diverting and unusual...Conrad by way of Joyce Cary, with a dash of Graham Greene.
— Kirkus Reviews
Creative, dark...absorbing...[The Lost Tribe] resonates with real emotions.
— Middlesex News
In The Lost Tribe, Mark Lee takes the modern unbeliever in all of us on a journey through Africa...looking for faith and for the mysterious, renegade descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The climate is harsh, the truths harsher, but Lee’s compelling, lyrical prose urge us on to the inexorable conclusion.
— Richard Dooling, author of White Man's Grave