The Canal House

Daniel McFarland has refined the life of a war correspondent down to an art. He knows how to get information out of officials who won't talk. He knows how to find the one man with a car who can get you out of town. He knows how to judge the gravity of a situation in a war-torn area (it's a bad sign when the dogs are gone). And he knows how to get to the heart of an explosive story and emerge unscathed. To Daniel, getting the story is everything. 

When a trip to a warlord's camp in Uganda goes awry and Daniel's companions end up dead, he has his first serious moment of reckoning with his lack of faith and his cool dispatch of the people around him. And as he falls in love with Julia Cadell, an idealistic doctor, he begins to see the world anew. The two run off together to a canal house in the middle of London, where they find a refuge from their perilous lives. 

But the two lovers can't ignore the real world forever and are soon persuaded to travel to East Timor, where the entire nation has become a war zone. As the militia prepares to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of refugees, Daniel must decide whether to get the story of a lifetime or to see beyond the headlines to the people whose lives are in the balance. 


With a satisfying smack of authenticity, Lee is brilliant at capturing a whole culture in a paragraph.
— St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Ripe with authority... The perfect book group book.
— Los Angeles Times
A story presented in prose so fine it nearly sings, peopled by characters who burn themselves into your mind and heart.
— The Denver Post
This touching, elegantly written tale aptly describes love and friendship amid the terror of contemporary war.
— The Dallas Morning News