The Biggest Puddle in the World


In this quietly sweet story, Sarah and her brother Charlie spend time with their grandparents and set out to discover the biggest puddle in the world after several rainy days. The artwork exquisitely captures the subdued mood of days spent indoors as the children investigate their grandparents’ big house and play dress up. When Sarah asks where the rain comes from, it’s Grandfather T’s promise to show them that leads them to the biggest puddle in the world. The rain stops, and the children, along with their grandfather and his dog Keeper, walk through the woods. Beautiful descriptions of the natural world, such as freshly grown mushrooms and wildflowers in the wake of the rainstorms, accompany Dion’s illustrations to create a charming tableau of family and its connection to the outdoors. Sarah, Charlie, and Keeper jump through puddles, follow streams and rivers, and end up at the ocean. Grandpa T. provides a rudimentary introduction to the water cycle, although readers will likely need more information to fully understand it. At the end of the day, Sarah and Charlie return to their grandparents’ home for pie and ice cream before more rain falls. VERDICT This lovely book honors the relationship between children and grandparents and encourages reverence for the natural environment.

- School Library Journal

“The return of the voyagers to the big old house and Granny B.'s homemade dessert is just the icing on the cake (or rather, the ice cream on the pie) for the quietly satisfying art and text. … Familial love, nature appreciation, and a bit of natural science.